With issue reporting, enhanced communication, time tracking, supply management, and inspections, we have the tools to manage our staff and service your facility efficiently.  

  • Shift and job scheduling: Easily schedule employee shifts for our frequently serviced locations and jobs for our one-time or infrequent services.

  • Messaging: We maintain our open communications with customers and employees transparent and documented where either party will be notified of concerns and share pictures and videos. Customers can also select their language of preference and all messages and notifications will be delivered in that language.

  • Problem reporting: Ability to report an issue in seconds. Customers can type a short description, take multiple pictures or videos and submit the issue instantly. Cleaners and managers are notified and know exactly what to do. After cleaners resolve the issue, they can take a picture showing that the issue was resolved and the system will document before-and-after pictures of the complaint. Customers will be notified of the closed issue and can access the before-and-after pictures and the time it took to solve the issue to ensure total satisfaction.

  • Inspections: Managers can write notes and attach photos or videos to inspection items. Once the inspection is submitted, cleaners will receive direct feedback of the areas that need to improve on their daily checklist. Customers can view inspection results in their own client portal.

  • Translation: The entire mobile app can be translated into the user's preferred language, including the navigation menu, cleaning instructions, inspection feedback and message.

  • Notifications by SMS, mobile, e-mail and text: You can choose what notifications you want to receive and whether you want any combination of e-mail, text, or mobile push notification.