One of the first things customers notice is the flooring in a commercial building. If your floor hasn’t been cleaned in years and is suffering from dirt and old wax buildup, you need a professional commercial floor stripping and waxing service company. Clean and Spiffy is an experienced, affordable, and reliable commercial and residential steam cleaning company. We have the experience to clean even the dirtiest commercial flooring!

After removing all buildup, our floor stripping and waxing professionals will apply four to six coats of high-radiance, long-lasting, scuff-resistant floor finish to ensure your floor looks clean for months. It is ideal to have your commercial flooring stripped and waxed on a regular basis because:

  • Stripping removes dirt, grime, bacteria, and stains
  • Waxing protects your flooring (meaning it can last longer)
  • Your floor will look brand new, attracting potential customers

Experienced Technicians

Clean & Spiffy hires only the most experienced technicians for its floor stripping and waxing services. The technicians will begin this multi-step process by sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming all targeted floors. Next, they will apply stripper solution to your floors and let it sit on the surface for a few minutes. Any stubborn wax buildup hiding in floor corners is scraped by hand, scooped up, and banished. You can tell our technicians are skilled by their ability to keep your floor corners buildup-free. Once the stripper solution has soaked for a few minutes, they use an electric floor scrubber to remove it. Then rinse the floor with clean water and let dry before the waxing step.